We Love Our Kids!

Kids are a Priority at FBC

We want our kids to have a great time AND learn about Jesus.  Throughout the year we have a ton of great activities as well as each week’s Bible School and Worship hour.

Check these out:


Our Bible School (9:15 am) and church time (10:30ish - after the worship songs) 
are designed with kids in mind and it's a GREAT time!

Little blessings  - Nursery

Nursery / Toddlers / Pre-school 

Our nursery is just off the foyer to the left when you enter the foyer.  When you drop off your little ones, we ask you for some information including a cell number so we can text you if you are needed during the worship service.

We provide cribs, a warm atmosphere and caring adults to ensure your babies are well cared for.  We also provide an area for nursing moms.

Currently - the nursery is only available during the worship service.

teacher with kids

kickstart (k-Gr. 5)
Bible School - 9:15 am

Bible school for kids starts at 9:15 am.  The classrooms are located in the hallway to the left of the foyer.  We ask that you check in all your kids with us at the station in the foyer.  

During this hour, we teach the truths of Scripture in a way that helps kids learn to love Jesus and understand how much He loves them.

church time - 10:15 am

Our church time hour starts after the worship portion of the service and is packed full of Bible time, crafts, fun and more!

Qualified adults make sure your kids have a great time.

You'll pick up your kids in the children's wing after the service concludes.

kids eating lunch
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check in/out - security

When you drop your kids off with us at either the Bible School hour or Worship hour, we ask that you check them in at the desk in the foyer.  We'll take some information from you, including a cell number so we can text you if we need to and give you a ticket to bring with you when you pick them up.

The west wing (off the foyer to the left when you enter) is where all our children's ministries gather.

We can't wait to see you and your kids!